What You Need to Know about Motorcycle Helmets

For any motorcycle enthusiast, one of the highest-ranking safety items to buy is the motorcycle helmet. It may be a motocross helmet or a scooter helmet; what it provides is safety and protection for the rider. Such head protection should not only of approved quality yet properly fitted to maximize protection. The difference a top quality motorcycle helmet and a cheap quality one may mean a huge difference between life and death. There's no sense to buy and wear a motorcycle helmet that won't be able to give you protection.

Number 1 advice about helmets is not to borrow the motorcycle helmet of any of your friends or relatives. You have to be aware that over time, the helmet's protective foam and its inner contours will adjust to the size and shape of the primary user's head. This makes a used or a borrowed motorcycle helmet such a safety compromise. It's better to use new helmets that completely fit you since it can offer sufficient safety and protection. Apart from the reason of its appropriate fit, you also don't know how often the borrowed or used helmet had been dropped. If it has been dropped a couple of times, the helmet may have a compromised ability to give you protection and for it to be unable to function in full. This is true even if the helmet is DOT approved.

Number two advisory is to avoid buying open face helmet with shield . These are merely for novelty like they claim to be; these are not intended for street use and protection as well. Often they are simply meant to be displayed on shelves to generate conversation among your peers. They are not also DOT approved and they cannot give you protection of any form, manner, or function.

You're increasing your risk for accident or death when you wear the wrong size of helmet. It would be easier for you to choose the right size of motorcycle helmet if you buy one from a brick and mortar store. It can be more complicated when you buy a motorcycle helmet online, but there are some ways to make it easier:

You can measure the size of your head by wrapping it with a cloth or a paper tape starting from one inch above the eyebrows. You have to use the standard sizing chart for helmets that correspond to the head measurement. You can find these usually from online retailers' sites, visit here to know more!